Q.1 What is billu?

Billu is a convenient salon app that enhances the booking experience by offering nearby salon options along with the latest deals and offers.Customers can effortlessly manage appointments, make secure payments, and enjoy a range of salon-related features.

Q.2 What are the benefits of the app?

Using Billu app you can browse nearby salons for deals and offers. Book services with the best deal and earn Billu cash points. Save money with discounts. Enjoy convenient online booking to save time.

Q.3 How to Sign up ?

Upon downloading the mobile app, input your mobile number and OTP (One-Time Password). Complete the necessary details as prompted by the app to successfully sign up on the Billu Customer App.

Q.4 What distance you are covering for the salons ?

Salons within a 10-kilometer radius will be visible to you.

Q.5 Can I call the salon owner after booking if I face any issue to find the salon. 

For any issues with your booking, you can directly contact the salon using the in-app calling feature available in the booking section of Billu..

Q.6 App is not working on my mobile, what to do ?

Please download or update app from  latest version of the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. If it still does not work, please email to care@billu.care or reach out to our IVR/whatsapp support - +919375133233 

Q.7 How many BCP will I earn if refer Billu customer app to someone ?

Upon someone downloading the app using your referral code and completing their first service, you will receive 2500 BCP (Billu Cash Points).

Q.8 What is the use of BCP which I earned?

You can utilize your BCP (Billu Cash Points) for discounts when booking services or purchasing products from the Billu e-commerce section. It serves as an excellent source for obtaining discounts. 

Q.9  Can I use my BCP in each salon or in particular salon? 

It is available on most of the salon, but some salon does not accept it, so while booking you will see salon accept it or not. 

Q.10 Can I transfer my deal to someone else?

Certainly! To transfer the deal, simply provide all the necessary information to the person and salon provider who will be making the booking. 

Q.11 What happens if the deal period expires and I haven't used the services? 

You can cancel the deal and get refund. But if you have taken any of service from the deal then it will not be cancelled. 

Q.12 I have booked my service to any of new salon and if am not satisfied with the service then can I claim my refund?

Different salons have different refund policies. Contact the salon directly for details on their specific guidelines for refunds, offers, and bookings.

Q.13 I purchased a 30-day and 60-day service package, but unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from using the services. Is it possible to get a refund for the unused days or can I reschedule my services for a later date? 

You can talk to the salon owner about it. The deal's terms and conditions must be agreed upon with this deal provider.

Q.14 What if the salon denied providing the service after I made a booking?

Apologies for the inconvenience. Such situations are rare, as our back office team works diligently to provide a smooth experience. If you have made an online payment, it will be refunded to you within 48 hours.

Q.15 I do not see salon in my area ? 

You will be seeing salons in your area very soon as we are currently onboarding new salons.