Q.1 How to book an appointment ?

Choose the salon-->Add service-->Choose date-->Choose time-->Continue-->Book Now.

Q.2 How can I reschedule my booking? 

On home screen click on Bookings-->Reschedule-->Confirm reschedule by clicking on yes-->Choose date-->Choose time--Reschedule

Q.3 What is the processto download an invoice ?

Click on booking-->Completed-->Select booking-->Download invoice

Q.4 Can I book an appointment for my friend or relative?

Sure! Share your booking code with them, they can use it at the salon to confirm reservations. Additionally, refer them to our app using the link, so they can download and book services. You'll earn BCP (Billu cash points) for doing this.

Q.5 What is the reason that I am unable to add a booking?

Some salons have daily booking limits. To confirm, contact the salon directly to schedule your appointment.For any other issues, email us at reach out to our IVR/whatsapp support - +919375133233 

Q.6 What is the process to cancel a booking? 

Click on bookings-->Select booking to be cancelled-->Cancel booking-->Confirm cancellation by clicking on yes-->Enter cancellation reason-->Continue

Q.7 Can I  reschedule my canceled booking? 

Certainly you can reschedule your cancelled booking.Click on bookings-->Select cancelled  booking to be rescheduled-->Book again-->Choose date-->Choose time-->Continue-->Book now

Q.8 Can I  reschedule my booking at service time?

30 minute prior to your service time, else billu recommend you to get in touch with billu support via or reach out to our IVR/whatsapp support - +919375133233

Q.9 After canceling my booking, how much time will it take to receive my refund/payment?

If the booking was cancelled within the specified time, your payment will be credited back to you within 3 days.